The DX Series Doosan Crawler Excavators – continue the tradition of stellar excavator performance and exceptional reliability.

Backed by more than seven decades of quality, Doosan crawler excavators continually deliver in demanding environments.

The DX Series continues the Doosan tradition of stellar excavator performance and exceptional reliability:

  • Gain increased flotation in soft soil with the standard long carriage.
  • Get excellent durability with the class-leading chassis design.
  • Receive faster cycle times from outstanding hydraulic pump performance.
  • Boost performance and efficiency with the synchronized engine and hydraulic system.
  • Extend service intervals and complete maintenance quickly.
  • Enjoy exceptional operator comfort and visibility.

Manufactured by Doosan Infracore

Doosan Crawler Excavators

Available models shown – with Engine Power + Operating Weight (OW). Click image/icon to view details:

Doosan DX140LC Crawler Excavator

DX140LC – Engine: 71 kW, (OW): 14,000 kg

Doosan DX140LCR Crawler Excavator

DX140LCR – Engine: 110 kW, (OW): 14,700 kg

Doosan DX180LC Crawler Excavator

DX180LC – Engine: 110 kW, (OW): 17,660 kg

Doosan DX225LC Crawler Excavator

DX225LC – Engine: 115 kW, (OW): 21,500 kg

Doosan DX225LC SLR Crawler Excavator

DX225LC SLR – Engine: 115 kW, (OW): 23,200 kg

Doosan DX255LC Crawler Excavator

DX255LC – Engine: 129 kW, (OW): 24,600 kg

Doosan DX300LC Crawler Excavator

DX300LC – Engine: 151 kW, (OW): 30,000 kg

Doosan DX300LC SLR Crawler Excavator

DX300LC SLR – Engine: 151 kW, (OW): 30,000 kg

Doosan DX300LL Crawler Excavator

DX300LL – Engine: 147 kW, (OW): 30,000 kg

Doosan DX340LC Crawler Excavator

DX340LC – Engine: 210 kW, (OW): 35,200 kg

Doosan DX420LC Crawler Excavator

DX420LC – Engine: 218 kW, (OW): 41,898 kg

Doosan DX480LC Crawler Excavator

DX480LC – Engine: 245 kW, (OW): 49,280 kg